Board of Directors

Our board of directors is committed to the students, the school and the community of Bomg Ng'ombe.  

Joanne McFadden


Joanne founded Aya Education Fund after a trip to Tanzania where she met Charles Shayo, her guide at Mt. Kilimanjaro.  After a few months living in Bomg Ng'ombe, Joanne realized her  non-profit management experience could benefit the students at the local Kingereka School.  Now with a growing non-profit, Joanne works with Charles to arrange for payment of school fees and determine long-term needs of the school.  

Pam Zajac

Pam has been a supporter of Aya Education Fund since 2015. She believes every child deserves the opportunity to get an education. "Access to a school should be readily available and Aya Education Fund has been helping to make that happen.  I can make a difference for children's education with Aya and look forward to being a part of it's growth."


Jen MacDonald

Education is extremely important in my family and I grew up knowing that I was going to have to work hard in school and university to achieve my dreams.  What drew me to Aya?  I believe it's important to use our knowledge to make the world just a little bit better.  Education is a privilege. I can't imagine not having the opportunity to get an education, but it's a very real reality in Tanzania. With Aya we can provide children with the opportunity to go to school and also better the lives of their families.  
I hope by being a part of Aya that I can help bring awareness to what Aya is all about and how the work that's being done is helping the community.

Eloise Pulos

Eloise joined Aya in January 2018.  Her extensive travels throughout Africa, including  her MA studies in Cameroon, make this charity close to her heart. "I've seen how access to education changes lives and improves communities. Being a part of Aya is an exciting opportunity to continue affecting lives in my favourite part of the world."

Charles Shayo


Charles Shayo is a trek guide for Kilimanjaro and our local Tanzanian Board Member.  Charles has a passion for his community, he helps to organize and purchase school supplies, any exam fees, as well as sends photos of the students and of the school. 

Charles is a pilar in his community.  Many neighbours come to visit, seek advice, and sit and speak with him.  He would love for volunteers to come and visit and see how amazing his country is.  He welcomes those who would like to do a homestay and spend time in his village.