All of the projects we have done are all supported by our donations to Aya Education Fund.  We have monthly donors, Purdy's chocolate fundraising and individual donations.  Our operating costs are minimal and covered by bottle returns so that all of the donations can be sent directly to the school.


Please consider becoming a monthly donor to help keep these programs going!

2022 Visit

In November of 2022 we visited Kengereka School and were able to see all of the projects.  Here are some of the achievements:

New Shoes and Socks

In Nov 2022, we noticed that some students were running around the school yard wearing tattered socks.  When we asked the teacher about this, she noted that many of the orphans have hand-me-down shoes that don't fit.


Some of our donors asked for their donations to go to something that would make a change for the students.  We decided that we would buy new shoes and socks for these students.  Once they outgrow the shoes, they will pass them on to other students that may need them.


Ten students were given these items and were grateful that their Canadian friends helped them out.

Breakfast Program

Beginning January 2022 - Aya Education Fund will be providing breakfast for the students at Kengereka School.  We are working with the school to pay for the cooks wage and the supplies to make Tanzanian porridge (Ugi) 

It will cost approximately $5800 CDN to provide breakfast for 1000 students for the entire school year.  Sadly many children rely on school lunch as they do not have many meals at home.  Our belief is that a well nourished student is a successful student.  We are grateful for the donations to help get this program underway!


2023 - costs of supplies has increased due to drought and inflation. The program is now approximately $8000 Cdn for 962 students.


If you would like to support this, please go to the Donations page.


In 2018 we began our big project - to build a new kitchen.  We are happy to say that now there is a fully functioning kitchen with storage, ventilation and chimneys to help support the Breakfast Program.  This was a large undertaking but the difference is incredible!  We are so grateful to our donors for supporting this construction.

Purdy's Chocolate Fundraisers

Money raised from this annual Christmas fundraiser will go to pay for the exam fees, supplies, programs and new buildings.   


2019 -  funds went to help build the kitchen

2020 - funds went to finish the kitchen build

2021 - funds are going to support the Breakfast Program beginning in January 2022

2022 - funds will go to support the Breakfast Program for 2023

Handwashing Station

COVID-19 has changed our reality, and here in Canada, we have hand sanitizer, hand washing stations and masks to help us protect ourselves and each other.  Things are a little different in other developing countries.  Kingereka students have up to 90 children in each classroom - which means  social distancing is not possible.  


We can help support their health by building hand washing stations such as the one pictured here.  This way, the students can have access to a pipe fed station to wash their hands regularly.


There are 3 stations that hold 500 litres of water as well as soap for the students to practice good hand hygiene.  


Proper hand washing instructions will also be posted (in Swahili) to ensure that the students are doing it properly.  We even suggested they sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" while washing to take their time.



Helping to build a new Classroom 2018-2019

Each classroom can have up to 90 students per class.  Having a new classroom helps to lower the student numbers and create more space.  We also helped purchase new desks for the students.

The students play outside the partially built classroom.  Our donors helped to fund the construction and were so excited to watch it come together.

A successful trip - the Armstrong Family.

Rylan Armstrong, a teen in the Sea to Sky Corridor, BC, did some fundraising and raised over $1500 for the school.  He and his family brought 4 large dufflebags of school supplies for the students.  Some of the donations went towards a new printer for the school and for construction of a classroom the school was building.  


We are so proud of Rylan and his family.  Their incredible generosity mad a huge impact on the community.

The Armstrong family had a great time at the school and got to meet many teachers and students.


The students also performed songs and dances for their new Canadian friends.

The Armstrong family helped the school purchase this photocopier in 2019

Water Harvesting Tanks 2017

Aya purchased two large water harvesting tanks to help battle the lack of water in the area.  There is a central tap for the school, which they need to pay for use of water.


Having these tanks help with costs and ensure that there is an extra supply of rainwater for school use.