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Aya Education Fund

Jennifer Brigger

Jenni has a background of business management, non profit and working as a Child and Youth Worker.  Her passion for children and education has been an excellent fit for Aya Education Fund. Jenni became a part of the core team at the beginning, and her education and life experience have helped to grow the program and expand the future plans of the charity. Her priorities in life are her family, friends, her pets and hopes to work on programs for female, at risk students to ensure their safety and security. 

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Our Team

Greg McIlwain - McMillan Law Services

Charles Shayo

Charles is a trek guide at Smiling Kilimanjaro Tour Guides.  His wife and two sons live in the village and one son attends Kingereka School.  Charles's family enjoys having volunteers come to stay with them in their home to experience true African life.  Charles is fluent in English and enjoys teaching Swahili to those who want to learn.  All donations are transferred to Charles, and he ensures that the school fees are paid, and that the students are working hard.  A pillar in his community, Charles is excited to see this program grow.  

Amazing supporters:

Joanne McFadden

Joanne is the founder of Aya Education Fund, which started with three students.  With a background in non-profit management, office management, hospitality and a love of travel -  Aya Education Fund was born.  Future plans for Aya include purchasing desks for the school, providing breakfast for the students and any other supplies needed. Joanne has a personal relationship with each student and the teachers at the school.  She has visited Tanzania several times and plans to return to spend time with her friends and family in Boma.

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